When the topic of the Zelda timeline, a lot of people overlook the bizarre Subcon timeline. Subcon is a realm of dreams, initially thought to be the imagination of Mario in Super Mario Bros 2 but was later proven to be a realm in and of itself in BS Super Mario Bros USA Power Challenge a Satellaview exclusive sequel to Mario Bros 2.

The character Wart or Mamu appears in Link’s Awakening which also takes place in a dream world albeit an island. Prince Richard appears in that game as the engine used to make Link’s Awakening was first made for a japanese exclusive gameboy game called The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls which events gotta take place before Linl’s Awakening. Then after that is the aforementioned BS Super Mario game and at the very end of the timeline is Captain Rainbow.

Captain Rainbow is an odd game about a former super hero actor who goes to an island of dreams to get his wishes fulfilled. The connection here is that Crazy Tracy from Link’s Awakening is in the game, albeit looking different.

There’s an overarching theme of dreams and none of these games really make a whole lot of sense either together or in their own right which sort of fits the loose defined boundries of dreams.
Given that Mario from the first Mario dream of Subcon and Link from Link to the Past dreams of this place as well, it means that Subcon exists beyond space and time, its just a realm of dreams.